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The great opening of the VT ACADEMY Moldova International Academy of Hairdressing

The great opening of the ]]>VT ACADEMY]]> Moldova International Academy of Hairdressing took place in Chisinau on April 8, 2015.

«The opening was marked by a great workshop Show by the VT ACADEMY creative team, which sparked a wave of arousing emotions. Participants of the Show briefly describe the past event as "bright, creative and very professional."

That day, members of the VT ACADEMY creative team demonstrated the latest dyeing trends and fashionable hairstyles of the season, as well as the spring-summer 2015 collection of evening hairstyles and hair settings to hairdressers and stylists who had come to the event from different parts of hospitable Moldova.

In addition to a brilliant performance, the guests noted an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere that prevailed at the Show. The event was supported by the T-LAB Professional (Switzerland) premium brand of professional hair cosmetics and VT Professional (Switzerland) brand of hairdressing tools.

The Show was participated by:

Yuriy Belinovich – VT ACADEMY Senior Instructor, Head of the "Evening Hairstyles" course, VT Professional Technologist.

Yulia Kunitskaya – VT ACADEMY Senior Instructor, Head of the "Product Development and Colouring" course, ]]>T-LAB Professional]]> Technologist.

Yevgeniy Nazarko – VT ACADEMY Senior Instructor, Head of the "Salon Haircuts" course, co-owner of the VT ACADEMY in Odessa, VT Professional Technologist.

Diana Latypova – VT ACADEMY Instructor, "Product Development and Colouring" and "Salon Haircuts" courses.

]]>VT HOLDING]]> expresses gratitude for the assistance in the show to VT HOLDING Moldova official partner – COSMOTRADE S.R.L. Company – represented by Valentin Donich and Aleksei Levchenko and also to Marina Medushevskaya, M. m. Doriana, Maya Skripnik, makeup artists Natalia Kuzenkova, Ksenia Vasilyeva and to the administration of SERGEI LUNKEVICH National Philharmonic, represented by Bivol Svetlana Ivanovna.

The International Academy of Hairdressing VT ACADEMY was founded in 1998 and is one of the best schools in Europe for training hair stylists, makeup artists, masters of nail aesthetics and salon business managers.]]>www.vtacademies.com]]> is a leading academy for the development of professional hair cosmetics of the premium class. The official website ]]>www.vtacademies.com]]>

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